FREE 5-Day Challenge

Five Days to Greater Meaning, Purpose, and Joy in Your Addiction Recovery!

This challenge will help you:

  • Get Clear. Find the ways you can bring more natural joy and meaning into your life. 
  • ​Get Focused. Learn exactly where to invest your time and energy for greater happiness and fulfillment.
  • ​Experience Greater Joy. Discover why your sense of natural joy has gone missing and learn how to get it back.

Drop the frustration, guilt, & confusion in your recovery for greater meaning, purpose & Joy ... in 5 Days!

“I once spoke with Garret for about an hour and he changed my perspective of life and honestly my happiness.”

- Justin Lopez 

“[Garret's] ability to present a message in such a clear manner will enable anyone to absorb and live into the ideas right away. ”

- Dr. Lea Imseragic

“I got magnificent results. Garret has the tools and the passion to see it through and will work with you every step of the way.” 

- Gina Brown

I’ve watched the caring heart that [Garret] has to help people. If you are looking for someone that can support you… look no further.” 

- Rick Petry

Registration for the FREE Challenge Ends Soon! 


Our Schedule for the challenge: 

  • DAY ONE: Uncover the natural sources of Joy we forgot about or never knew we had. 
  • DAY TWO: Where the rubber meets the road, develop your plan for greater joy in our recovery 
  • DAY THREE: Take a stand for what we want, not what other people think we should have.   
  • DAY FOUR: Set the course to get the most we can with our limited time, energy, and resources. 
  • DAY FIVE: Bring the pieces together to unleash our happier, more fulfilling, more meaningful life.

About Me (Garret Biss) 

I help people experience the life they WANT to have in their recovery. 

Too many people in recovery are suffering unfairly beneath the tremendous weight of self-doubt, shame, guilt and remorse. Combined this reality with the b.s. social stigma and limited opportunities for former “addicts” and we get millions of people who’ve beaten an addictive past but never experience their true potential for happiness, success, fulfillment and joy.

I can’t stand that!!

To help make a difference, I invest nearly all my time and energy into studying addiction, personal development, the science of human flourishing so I can find better ways to help more people move from the shadows of a difficult recovery into the light of a thriving life.   
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